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I keep seeing a lot of people asking the same questions that other threads have already answered, sometimes only days after eachother. I have to assume that not everybody realizes there is a search box in the top right corner. It searces all messages in all threads so if you try typing the keywords of your questions in there, you may be able to get quicker results and it will eliminate redundant threads.

Well, it’s easier just to ask the question, dontcha think. :wink:

lol it depends how you look at it. if you search your question and end up finding it on the first coupple of pages of results… boom. immediate answer. dont even have to wait till somebody decides to respond. to be fair tho, i admit my dislike for redundant threads may just be me being neurotic lol.

Oh yeah, I forgot - be sure to bump it 5 times within the first first hour because nobody answered yet.


oh Yeh. That’s mandatory


Totally unrelated but The Creep is literally creeping me out…

Welcome to forums

Yeah, that makes sense.

But the search box on YYE sucks. The one at the “other” place works REALLY well. This one is like case sensitive and really hard to get results. lol.

Did you go back in time to post this reply?
If so I want to borrow the machine.

…What… lol

The ‘other forum’

What about it haha… that it’s like dead. haha


Yep. It’s sad. But whatever, hopefully it comes back. I really hope it makes a nice big booming comeback, but from the looks of it, it’s ain’t gonna happen.

At least YYE is awesome. But I’m like one of the only (few) originalish members.