How to Use "Search"

It seems that many of the questions asked are ones that keep coming up like how to clean a bearing or how do I do whatever mod to whatever yoyo. I use the search feature to find posts regarding a question I have and try to find the answer before I post a new topic, this helps because people aren’t asking the same questions over and over again. This is meant as a guide for everyone to be able to find what theyre looking for much faster and easier, without having to look through page after page of unrelated posts.

Alright, say I want to find out how to clean a bearing.

  1. Press the search button (duh :P)
  2. On the screen that comes up click advanced search.
  3. Type in what you want to search for, in this example I would type something like “bearing cleaning”
  4. You will see near the bottom there is a box that says “check all”, uncheck that box and press “Choose a board to search in or search all”.
  5. you will now see a list of all the boards with a box next to each one, check the boxes on the boards most likely to contain a post about what you’re searching for, in this example I would only check “Yo-Yo Modifications”.
  6. Press the search button and browse the results until you find an answer, using the method described I can usually find what im looking for on the first page of results.

If youre looking for something in the “Buy Sell Trade” board I like to change the “Search Order” to “Most Recent First”, that way I only see the posts that are fairly recent. As a general rule I will only offer on something that was posted in within the last two months at max, that way im not necroing and there is a good chance that the yoyo I want is still available.

Hopefully this helps to keep clutter down, and even if you dont want to use the search feature at least try it using this method, you may find it extremely useful, I know I have :wink:


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The main reason for clutter is bad use of titles. Give the thread you are making a title that describes the topic well. If you say “ZOMG CNAT SOEMWUN HELP MI!!!” then people won’t really bother opening it in searches.

Addment: I’m sure people know how to search, they just don’t want to use it.

Both of those are good points, but Jonas, searches search the posts, not the thread titles, so you can read the part that was found by the search, although I’m sure a lot of people don’t.

wat r tis serch buttn? ur telling liz!!! liez@!!1!oneone!1one

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