What’s a bearing and how do you clean them?

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Like a yoyo enhancement?

No it’s a direction of travel. Nothing to do with yoyos.

I love sailing. If I didn’t have kids, I’d be a pirate, right now.

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I like that. You could pirate in some nice straights.

Stay true.

Pizza is good

it’s like an igr
you don’t clean an igr silly

Dang missed that. Here let me correct it.

…how do you clean dem!

Better now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you looked here???
I think the answer you seek is there.

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Ding ding! Winner!!

Just like the other ten thousand “bearing” threads.

make sure you use lots of lube first.

Throw it into some oatmeal, wash it down wjth syrup, and let it dry…

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I hope I am not the first person to help you (and I mean, real help this time).

When you unscrew a yoyo, there is a metal part in there that you can spin. It is only on one side and it is big. That is the bearing.

To clean, look at some of the other threads that are consistently posted on the forums. It is kind of a long process. You could also go to YouTube and search for “yoyo bearing cleaning tutorial.” I found one that helped me a lot.

Good luck.

I appreciate the genuine reply but this thread was made as a funny!

So? We dont make fun of you so dont make fun of them.