(SR) #1

It’s getting really ***. Every time I go to look *** *** post, it has these dumb little 3 ***… why? It’s happening in the titles too. It ruins quotes ***… what’s up?

Is it bug or some dumb hacker? Or is it just me?

(It’s probably going to show up in this post too. lol)


(SR) #2

See? It showed up in my first post too…

(JayVee) #3

IDK but it seems that every word that starts with the letter “a” seems to change to the three “stars”.


oh… my… gosh… i hate them too! what the heck is happening??

edit: i just looked et them, its every word that starts with “ey” i cant say it without it being censored. its two slashes with e line inbetween them.
for now i will substitute that letter with the letter e.

(SR) #5

Yeah, just noticed that to.

(Chase Baxter) #6

It’s scaring me…I believe two words are “t/h/e” & “/a/” …I’m sure the second word didn’t show up, it looks like 4, @…& It’s the letter @ da end of each style.

Sorry about not proper grammar and symbols, I’m trying to say “da” letters.

Sorry about whatever stars come up too!

(SR) #7

Just sent out uh PM to every mods + edministrators.

Excuse my spelling. I had to beat the system.

(JayVee) #8

Well this is mildly ánnoying… Hm, I wonder what can we use ás án álternative in the meantime? @, ^, uh, ha, á…

BTW, I’ll use ált + 160 until this problem is fixed…


Some signatures ***'t working either. It might be just my computer though. Quotes don’t seem to be working either. Let me see if this shows up:

Edit: Nope. Quotes don’t work either.

(JayVee) #10

Well, the quote boxes have the word “áuthor” in them…


They @re really annoying, I don’t even know what people @re trying to say. I will for now substitute the letter “ey” for @.


I think someone dun’ goof’d.


anyway, adam always ate apples.

i suppose they fixed it.


apparently ;D


I couldn’t even read the page, I reloaded at least 5 times… It was funny though.


Ain’t that a stinker, looks like a bug to me, but its a guess ahaha.