? in place of '


in the written part of the tutorials, in every place where and apostrophe should be, thier is a questionmark. not sure why, just giving the heads up

(JonasK) #2

We have the same problem on our bus passes a person with a name that contains the letter “ø” (Norwegian letter) will have a question mark in the middle of his name. FUN. It is probably because it won’t accept the apostrophe, but I am no pro at this.


Either these things won’t accept them, the person typing messed up, or if a program is used to write this stuff then it might be a bad script.


sooooooooooooooooo who do i contact then for it to be fixed?


You probably have to ask Andre who does the scripts for the site and ask them to check them out.


Which tutorials? Because its not happening for me…


Yes, which one?


you?re three times thier at the end

noter you?re
nother you?re, but heres something weird
around the middle thiers “Buddha’s Revenge”
and at the end thiers “Buddha?s Revenge.”
strange…anyway, thiers probably more, but those were the tricks i was reading when i found that out


Ok, but there are tutorials that do not have this problem.


yea…that pretty weird… :o