Resolved please close

Resolved please close




This coating just tends to collect oil and dirt from playing. You can attempt to clean it with soap and water, or an eraser but it’s pretty minimal for how much it actually cleans. Moon rock/micro arc ox just kind of does this.

Yours looks a little more intense so you might want to message RSO.

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Thank you. I think I’ve only played with it for 20 minutes since I got it and gave it a wipe afterwards to, ironically, prevent any issues with tarnishing.

That looks like some pretty bad oxidation of the magnesium. Usually anodizing will significantly improve the magnesium’s surface resistance, but there can potentially be problems with the anodization allowing the magnesium to slowly oxidize underneath eventually coming through the anodized coating. I’m not sure how pronounced the finished surface texture usually is, but it looks like there might be some lifting of the finish (pictured below) likely where there’s spots of oxidation below the finish. I don’t know of any methods to remove oxidation other than either refinishing and sanding away the oxide layer, or with dilute acid solutions (like a 10% chromic acid) but I definitely would not recommend trying that, but like yoyojoe said I’d definitely reach out to RSO to see if they have better solution.

Lab testing of magnesium alloy oxidation (the middle image looks like a similar pattern):


Thank you very much for the detail :smiling_face:

The bubbling certainly indicates oxidization under whatever coating was used on them. This happens a lot with most mg coatings done by shops that don’t specialize in it. I believe the magnum also had some pretty severe coating failures over time.

The only “solution” is to strip it down completely (mechanical stripping > chemical) and re-coat it… but the only low volume coating you’re going to find is powdercoat, which will drastically change how it feels. You could leave it raw, but it will oxidize and corrode very badly over time.

I’d probably just leave it alone and accept that it’s ugly and may get worse.


I’d believe him. He’s quite knowledgeable.