Reshaped Lynn Fury and acid wash dyed psg

Here is a Lynn Fury I just finished for offstring-stewart :wink:
Also added an acid wash dye-job I did for a friend (also added weight)

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That’s pretty cool

You got skill man! I may have to send you something

could you do anything with a PSG?

This looks terrific. What would a modded Lyn like this run as far as cost?

Dude, That is awesome. Thank you so much, can’t wait to get it back. And the cost was fairly affordable, ledbetter. Just ask him what he’ll charge, you’ll be surprised. Again, Thanks Purplepottamus.

man i love how official your pics look.

Very nice work. If you haven’t already, there is a plastic polish out there that will make it look like it was never modded. Novus is good.

new pics

That, is a sick Psg!

I need to get a Psg. :stuck_out_tongue:

That dye job is SICK!!!

Thanks. I will have to try Novus. I have been using a different polish, but I have been looking for something that will give my polishing a higher gloss sheen.

OMG how did you do that PSG