My first mirror polish! look!

So this is my first real attempt at mirror polishing a throw. I think i didnt do too bad but i would like your guys input. Keep in mind this is my first real mod (besides siliconing). I used Mothers brand aluminum polish and it worked great. I coulda spend more time rubbing it down but i think it looks good! Let me know what you guys think or give me some pointers please!!

thanks for looking!

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What is it?

Anyone, just my opinion:
I’d prefer a full mirror, but you’re after some sort of style thing, which is kinda neat. The edges of the ano(I’m assuming ano) aren’t cleanly removed so they sort of fade in the polished area. It’s not a look I like, but at the same time, what you’ve done has a certain cool factor to it. It wouldn’t surprise me if something else took your idea and ran with it.

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Well the idea of the strips i actually got from someone else. I traded for a 888x a while back and it was this same color and it was basically raw. He left the stripes in it like that and i thought it was cool. I happened get another good deal for another 888x from someone else that was also purple so i thought “whats to lose?” I think that im going to go back over it and take those stripes off. I like having the inside of the cup purple tho. i guess its just my weird taste, but i really like that purple/violet color in combination with the polished. Keep in mind though, this is the first time i have ever attempted anything like this before. Thanks for the input though Studio. I appreciate it.

First time? Well, all I can say is…

Great job

The stripe kinda look awkward I think, but I bet they look awesome while spinning.

Can you show us a pic while it spinning?

Lol, looks pretty much the same while spinning.

That bad boy looks better in the sun than it did on your bench. I’m not a fan of THAT color, but something about that look I really like. I just can’t explain it, it just connects with me.

I can’t force you to leave it that way, it’s your choice and you have to be happy with it. But, if you do strip it all the way down and mirror it all the way, thanks for sharing the photos before you do so.

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Make up your mind Chris! Lol just kidding. I decided I was gonna leave it the way it is last night. I’m doing so because I think it looks original like this. You don’t see many polish jobs looking like this. While its not for everyone, it works for me and that’s all that matters. ;D. You would be surprised at how easy this is to do, if your competent with tools and have common sense. I used a dremel with an assortment of bits, I secured it with a vice and went to town. After I was done Sanding it, I hit it with steel wool for about twenty mins, then for the final touchup I used mothers brand aluminum polish. Man that stuff makes it shine. If you just take polish and hit the rims of your dm2 Chris, it will make it look brand new again. No joke. You don’t even have to sand it. Here’s whaty dm2 looks like after putting mothers polish on it. NO SANDING REQUIRED. I wish I had a before pic cause it was all beat up and kinda a dull grey color.

I’m tempted to run down and get some metal polish and shine up my DM2, but I have a gig later today I’m about to prep for, and then prep for my 4-day film fest coming up next week. However, I might still try got scoot out and do that.

I sort of have a photo shoot planned during a feature at the film fest, so might be best to have the DM2 looking it’s best!

Do it man. you will be thanking me for it, i promise. Get mothers brand, mag and aluminum polish. Its the BEST. Seriously man. It only takes like ten minutes. Five bucks for a container that will last you FOREVER. Its so worth it. MY DM2 has been neglected for a while but since i did that i’ve been playing it alot again. DO IT. YOU WONT REGRET IT. haha

great job(s)
I like how you can see you in the yoyo because of the polish. Like the yoyoexpert sticker on your camera too

Lol yeah the stickers actually on my cell phone. Lol. My Droid us what I use for pics and videos. I was wondering if anyone would notice that. Haha