My first attempt at polishing my Dietz.


Thanks to everyones suggestions here. I finally was able to finish up with my Dietz. Check out the pics and what a difference Mothers Polish made.

Off Brand metal Polish :

Mothers Metal Polish ( I am not done yet, but can’t polish anymore lol ):

Here is the Microfiber towel used :




That’s sick , what did you use ad how


well first I used Easy OFF …to take the ano off … and monitored the progress like every few mins. Watched it go from Green to light green to --> silver/blackish (which was when I pulled it out)

Then I used some 0000 steel wool to just lightly buff out the black spots (which came off easy) I think I could have used an old rag (something rough).

Afterwards I used some old off brand polish I had laying around and it got to the first picture as shown above.

Later when I got my Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish (which was recommended by a bunch of guys here) I used a Micro Fiber cloth to polish. You will know if you are polishing it right, if your microfiber towel looks like mine LOL.

It was a lot of fun and I will probably keep polishing the Dietz to get it shinier, although I am not sure if it will help.

Just a warning to Anyone who might try this … Yoyoexpert does not recommend you do this to your yoyo. This was my first attempt and it turned out well because of the tips I got from everyone here.


Pretty nice ;D


Thanks for the helpful tips earlier!!! do you think that it can look any better if I keep polishing it?


Not really without sanding it a bit.