Polished VsNYYC Battosai

First stripped it by using easyoff, turned out very well and is still dead smooth. Then polished it to a mirror finish What would this go for on the BST?

That’s awesome! I would say start off around 95 for it, but idk about prices really. I’m more interested in how you stripped it. Could you please explain how easyoff works, and how you stripped the yoyo using it?

Maybe more like 90, 95 SHIPPED

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That’s what I was thinking and what I would pay for it.

If it’s intended to be sold, the OP might want to PM me…

I’ll keep that in mind lol. I might just trade for a Trinity; I’ve wanted one for a long time now. Also, this is what I used, you have to plug the hole where the axle goes with a cottonswab first, and then you just spray this stuff on and leave it for a few minutes, then just rinse it off.

Up on the BST!!!

WOW! That is so much easier than sodium hydroxide! Thanks a lot, man.

Ummmm, it has sodium hydroxide…



This isn’t going to eat away at my yoyo is it? I guess that’s the purpose of the cottonswabs.

That is a very nice polish job. What is your method for getting it polished so nicely?

Mother’s Mag and Aluminum polish from pretty much any auto parts store is the best affordable polish I’ve used, and I’ve been doing it on all sorts of things for years. Just that, with a nice soft microfiber cloth worked in ever lighter passes will give you a polish that even looks good under magnification. Very few other commonly available polishes are that fine…they work faster, but they can’t give you results like the excellent job in this thread.

I did this watch with it last week. Looks like glass.

Wow. Really nice work.

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That’s heading my way!

(Serious, I bought it!)

Excellent. It’s so cool looking.

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I’m an audio guy. I’m a sucker for shiny metal objects.