New FHZ Mod/Paint Project

Thanks to Yoyolunatic and the new FHZ I picked up off of him I was able to be crafty tonight.

Lovin that paint job

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Very nice!! Is that ink or candy paint?

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Ah, the things you can do w/ dollar store nail polish ;D

You would be surprised. That nail polish is actually good enamel paint and it is available in so many styles.

That looks really good, XminusmikeX.

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Thanks man! I love some of the crazy colors you can get w/ polish. I found one online that I still have to order but it changes from one color when you are inside to another when your outside.

I must try some day now.

Its great stuff to use. You can put it on thick and get a solid color out of it or put it on thin and get a more transparent look. Plus it dries quick.


Painted FHZ.

:3 <3333

may i have it back now? ahah jk but if you want to sell it i would be more than willing to buy it back from you and was it easy to get the caps off?

LOL! To be honest, I have an offer pending on it already but this was my test throw to see how the polish worked as paint. I have other colors and plan on getting more clear FHZ’s to paint so I’ll let you know when they are ready. The caps came off but it did take a little more power to get them off than normal.