I just ordered some stuff!

I just ordered a White Journey, Black Lyn Fury, Tube of Silicone, Red Shims, and Gray Shims.

Im planning to dye the Journey and Silicone it and basically just mod the heck out of it. Probaly the same for the Lyn Fury, but no dying.

I was just wondering what you guys thought of my purchase, will it be worth it? Or do you have any modding suggestions for me? Thanks!

All I can say is: HAVE FUN

Just yoyo

hehe…i couldnt resist buying some other stuff.

you could satin it with sandpaper.

Better grinding. :wink:

Where’d you get the sili?

probably YYN

:frowning: >:( >:(
Bad Boy
:frowning: >:( >:(

But we don’t sell it here :cry:

ya,that would be cool to have

I would have totally ordered from here but he was out of shims and didnt have silicone. :frowning: :-\