Request for tricks where you need string tension.


Most slack tricks need your string to be perfectly tension-less, but that leaves you with no slack tricks to do when you notice you do have string tension. So, I want to learn some tricks where string tension is used, for example 7:15 in this video:

Edit: actually it’s more around 7:12


No one?


its crazy hard i dont think someone of us know how to do this tricks…but i want learn some of these too


Does anyone know the toy being played with at 1:13? I had one as a kid and damnit I want one now lol


Bro there was a dark screen at 1:13. :smiley:


At 1:13: a yoyo

At 8:13 Diabolo, followed by astrojax, followed by something else I don’t know the name of.


Whoops. But yeah it’s astro jax.


Are you talking about the Ryan Gee trick? I swear I saw a tutorial on the youtubes for it, but now it seems to be missing, I thought Ryan did it but I can’t seem to find it on his youtube page.

Anyway, I just watched a few of his youtube videos, and I have concluded the dude is a mad genius.

HAHA! The Ryan Gee tutorial was posted here, trick was called “Spams”,67918.0.html


Can someone make a tut for the trick at 7:51? It looks insane.


After the astrojax is a kitsune box


someone know how to do 7:01? ???


Are they sold online? I want one, but it seems like only Haru has one.