This is mostly just to brag about what reptile you have or if you don’t have one what is your favorite.


I have a Ambanja Panther Chameleon. He is red and yellow striped.


I’ve got a Red Eared Slider Turtle, and hope to get a tegu in the near future.


I have an African sulcata tortoise he’s still a hatchling about 2 years old but he’ll grow


Haw big will your guises turtles get?


200-300 pounds depending on it’s gender. It’s hard to tell :joy:


My Panther Chameleon died.


That’s so sad! My bearded dragon died a few months ago. Was it from old age?


No I don’t now what happened. I found him hanging on a branch like a possum. He was still alive but as the day went on he was getting worse he started to not be able to move his front arms and then his eyes and I did not want him to suffer so we put him down.