Replcement axle for spyy


So i just flattened the threads on the axle to my spyy ampilfier like an idiot trying to take it out and have to get a new one now. The axle in my addiction fit in my clyws so would a short clyw axle fit in my amplifier?


Traditionally SPYY model axles are:

All models
8x32 thread set screw, 3/4" long

Found in: Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos >> Common Yoyo Axle Sizes

You can probably find one at the hardware store…


If you have a tap and die set, you can also fix the threads.


I dont have tap and die set unfortunately, i was going to try the hardware store tommorow and try to find somthing.
Also the axle on my amplifier is shorter than normal spyy axles since it doesnt have a spike. I have other shorter axles but the threads dont match up.


Better off replacing it.


Yeah, but I was giving another option in case he had them. No point in spending money if you don’t have to.


A set screw only costs about 40 cents. Not worth fooling with.


True :wink:


Funny, the only yo-yo I ever damaged the threads on was my brand new SPYY Amplifier. I bought a two pack of axles at Home Depot or Lowes. It’s worth being patient and going to the store.

I feel your pain and idiocy. ;D


Well ive been to 3 hardware stores now and nothing, getting really frustrated. Just to be sure these are the measurement for a spyy AMPLIFIER axle right?

8/32 x 3/8

Or M4 x .07 - 10 mm for metric

I found one that was right in the metric size but the threads were off. When i asked about the imperial measurements no one ever heard of a 3/8 long set screw but thats what i measured so i dont know.


If you can find a regular, imperial/english 8x32 screw with a head of any length, buy it and cut it to length. File the cut smooth. Nothing magic about set screws, they just don’t have a head on them. The metric threads will not fit.


Can you contact spyy customer support? Surely they may have a solution for you.


Ummm, they closed up shop. I’m sure you can buy an english thread screw locally in Canada. After all we can buy those silly metric screws in the US. But then what do I know…

If nothing else works, contact me via PM and I’ll send you one next in a week when I get back from my BWCA trip.


I ordered one off a speacialty pin ball machine place so it should be here soon, was only a few bucks so not so bad. Thanks for the advice though i do appreciate it.