Replacement C3 Capless bearing, how?

Anyone know where to get a replacement bearing for the Capless?

I love the stock/factory bearing it came with… So I want to get that EXACT one. I

Does anyone know where to get it? Or exactly what exactly bearing it is?

Any specialty bearings do not work in my Capless, and so it must be a flat one. so I figure I should stick with the stock one. Unless there is a better flat bearing out there for it?

Thank you all for your continued assistance!

I’m using a OD 10 ball in mine, works great. The buddha 10 ball bearing is also really good.

One exactly does the extra bearing gs add for the bearings? I does it make it spin longer?

I suppose was thinking that more balls is more friction potential causing a slow down…

So I am just wondering how extra ball bearings alter the play.

What about a ceramic bearing? Would that be good? I honestly do t quite know what a ceramic bearing would add…

Frankly, I understand ever so little about bearings…

Sorry I am such a noob…

honestly, there’s not a lot of difference between bearings. People will argue otherwise, and say x bearing makes something phenomenally better than y bearing, but I’ve never noticed a difference. As long as the bearing spins freely, and doesn’t make a yoyo responsive, it should be just fine. If you feel the need to spend $25 + shipping on a ceramic terrapin bearing, go ahead. You might try it and think it’s way better. But honestly at the end of the day, your throw is way more important than a bearing for spin time. Some bearings can help with centering the string so it doesn’t rub the walls, but again, that doesn’t affect play nearly as much as some people may lead you to believe.

As for your other question, I believe the capless comes with a flat 8 or 10 ball steel c sized bearing. My guess would be 8.

Oh, and both ceramic and additional ball bearings are supposed to increase spin time.

When I started out, I bought a ceramic kk because I thought it would be the bees knees, and make me way better. It really didn’t do anything that the stock bearing in my G5 couldn’t do.

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Like Hippos said, I would just get a OD 10 ball. I have the capless and the stock was great, but then took it out and swapped it for a 10 ball and WOW it is definitely a lot more smooth with this bearing. I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed with it