Rep check for @averagedeck on Instagram (IS A SCAMMER)

Has anyone ever done a deal with this person? I’m not sure if he has a yye forums account but judging by his collection, I’m guessing he’s ■■■■ on here. Still, I’m not sure as the account is full of cardistry stuff and the deal I got is too good to be true. I hope y’all can chime in with some feedback, thanks.


Apparently Joe Flannery’s account was hacked, at least that’s what Joe claimed.

On the Facebook BST & Talk group a few months ago somebody mentioned that was a scammer. That’s not @Ajolivarez, that’s somebody else trying to scam people using pictures from Ajolivarez’s collection. Do not deal with them.


Thank you for the insight! It’s greatly appreciated! Will not deal with them any longer.


As a point of courtesy, I would edit AJs name out of your main post, just for those that will not read the comments. He’s a great trader/seller, and it’d be a shame to turn people away from him.


Agreed it’s not Alonzo, @averagedeck stole his and other peoples photos. I’m the one who alerted him to the stolen photos


Got it, it’s done!


Sad update to the OP, but averagedeck did steal my photos and also scammed me for $50 bucks.

I had sent him $100 but he actually refunded $50 but never sent me any yo-yos.
I had to dispute the other $50 with my card company and won a reversal at the end.
Oh well :man_shrugging:t4:

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