Rep check Bjorn of yoyo (bf_throws)

Hey guys I’m trying to find a feedback thread for myself, but I’m unable to locate the one I’ve previously used.

Can some of you I’ve sold some throws to say a little piece here for me? Thanks all, hope all is well!

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Bought a winglet, came in good condition as described, timley responses and even included an extra yoyo (not needed but the gesture was appreciated) because of a delay. Seems chill and I’d buy from Bjorn again.

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here’s your previous feedback thread


Oh nice! For the life of me I couldn’t find it! Thank you friend!


Thanks homie :raised_hands:t2:


Sold me an omniscient. Super nice guy, fast shipping, and overall quality service. Highly recommend :grin:

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Great dude. Did a trade with him a while back that I was more than happy with. 10/10 would do business again

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Bought a couple of yos from @Bjorn_ofyoyo in February. All good.

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I bought 2 throws from @Bjorn_ofyoyo around this time last year (ZeroGravityReturnTops-Basilisk & Silenus) both were EXACTLY as stated and he shipped immediately (Alaska to Ontario,Canada) ,with it being considered “international” even though Alaska is straight up Part of Canada’s land mass :joy: he was more than fair when it came to shipping cost/ Customs fees :grin: If your interested in doing business with this gentleman you’re doing it with one of the nicest dudes on the Forum, like In our interactions he even pretended my “Dad jokes” were funny :joy:

TLDR: @Bjorn_ofyoyo is one of the nicest, and trustworthy gentleman to deal with on the Forum :grin:10/10 customer service !!!

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Sold me a YYR Savage. Condition was as described, clear and responsive communication, and positive attitude. He also went out of his way and did priority shipping, which was really nice of him. 10/10 would do business again.