Bjorn_ofyoyos Feedback

Just completed a trade with @Bjorn_ofyoyo! Fast shipping, prompt and responsive communication, good attitude, and provided a ton of pictures.


@Bjorn_ofyoyo is a solid seller. Items arrived as described and shipped well packaged and fast, definitely would do business again!


I appreciate it homies, I’m still new to the BST but I’ve had a more positive than not experience with it. Thank you both!

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@rockstar here you go sir.

They will go out tomorrow! Early as I possibly can get to the PO!!! It also has Kiosk too… so credit card box & add mailing code strips to package and off it goes…FL takes abt 4 days before COVID but now…4-7 days…?
Costs are going up so fast …

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Just completed a multi-throw deal with Bjorn!
Communication was excellent with pictures provided and explanation of damage was right on!! Package arrived early even! From Alaska!
Well done!

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After a harrowing experience with USPS and finding out how terrible it could be I’m exstatic to say that @Bjorn_ofyoyo Is an excellent trader, first class person, great packaging skills, and is willing to go out of his way to make things right!

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure and I hope to trade more with you in the future!

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Got an Omnitron from @Bjorn_ofyoyo recently. Professional packaging, fast shipping. The yoyo is in good condition as well. Great deal!

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