Removing the bearing from a Dark Magic?

Can anyone explain how to remove the bearing? When unscrewing the halves the bearing seems to be seated in place on one side.

I’ve used some thick lube to add responsiveness but it seems to go away fairly quickly. I wanted to try to get the bearing out so I could remove the shield and soak it in the thick lube to see if that lasts longer.


Take a pair of pliers, grab the bearing, wiggle it slightly, and pull slowly. It should come out. :wink:

Don’t soak it in thick lube, it’ll kill the bearing. A pin drop is all you need. Wear it out, or use compressed air to blow it out. :slight_smile:

NOTE: The bearing is always supposed to be on one side.

Thanks :slight_smile:

So is it normal then that the added responsiveness from the thick lube will wear out pretty quickly? I’ve been just putting a drop on the bearing while seated and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then wiping it down and playing. It feels great for an hour or so, then starts to go back to being unresponsive.

Don’t put it in, and let it sit. Spin it on a pencil tip until dry. Don’t wipe it down, either.

Thick lube doesn’t wear down quickly, as long as you follow those steps.

You really don’t need to remove the bearing from the seat if you are trying to thick lube it.

Like Spencer said, don’t soak it in there.

Just deshield it, and put a drop directly from the bottle into the bearing, then spin it around lowly so the lube can spread. Then, shield it back. You can wipe the bearing after you shield it.

I keep them deshielded. I rarely clean them…

Make sure not to soak the bearing in the lube. To add the lube, just do as everybody has said and put a drop in and then go ahead and shield it and play with it so the lube can get worked in.

Well the issue is that the shield is on the side that is attached, so I have to remove the bearing to get the shield off. Maybe that’s why the lube wasn’t staying long, I wasn’t able to really get it into the race. I was worried about trying to force that bearing out with pliers but if that is correct then I should not have any issues - thanks again everyone!

What do you mean the shield is behind the bearing? You only have one shield in?

If you look on the sides of the bearing, those little caps are the shields. They have a c-clip one each side to hold them in.

To get it off, take a needle, and find the gap where the c-clip stops. Pry the clip out, and hit the bearing on the table. It should come out. It takes a few trys to get it out.

The shield is on the bearing. You can have both in, one in, or both out.

I meant the c-clip, I thought it was only on the other side as I couldn’t see it on the side facing out. After removing the bearing and seeing both sides were the same I found the clip :wink: The only bearings I’ve opened before had larger clips over the shielding and I thought the would be more noticable.

I got it done however :slight_smile:

Yep. One on both sides.

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever soak the bearing in thick lube the bearing will cease to spin at all.