removing paint

A couple of years ago I had my onedrop 54 painted. What is the best way to remove the paint without messing up the finish of the yoyo underneath?

I’d “guess” acetone would be a good place to start. Only responding since nobody else has. I use airbrushes quite often and other paints. Acetone is plentiful around my house so would just put it on a soft cloth and see how that does. I seriously doubt it was painted with a paint that soap and water would remove.

I think some sort of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

You could aslo try acetone. Or, damage the paint(fingernail, razor blade) and spend a therapeutic afternoon peeling the paint off little by little, and celebrating when you get a bigger chunk to peel off.

The anodizing underneath will not be affected by any of these chemical methods. The razor blade could cause a line or scrap if you’re not careful. Other than that, shouldn’t be a problem.

Isopropyl most likely won’t do much of anything to the paint. Paint thinners like acetone and mineral spirits would be good options. I used deck stripper to remove the powder coating on my Project and it had no effect on the anodizing underneath.

I remember being told a while ago that some sort of alcohol would remove the paint from most painted yoyos. I couldn’t remember which. I do agree that most likely isopropyl will merely help clean the yoyo.

Used nail polish remover with acetone in it. Worked well with a little rubbing. Thanks for the reply!

That’s most likely denatured alcohol.
Strong stuff, don’t get none on ya…