Removing paint on a yoyo?

I am thinking of trading with a guy for his brett grimes painted peak, it is mint, and underneath is a mint 28 stories second run peak. If I trade him I would like to remove the paint, the question is how, please any help would be appreciated!

I pretty sure Acetone was even able to remove Brett’s paintjobs.

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Yup, or mineral spirits.

Another guy on here who was doing paint jobs said rubbing alcohol could be used as well.

Try a small area first, see how that works. I don’t think mineral spirits or acetone will be able to harm anything other than the adhesive of your response pad, and/or the response pad, which can be replaced with Snow Tires or flowable.

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I dont mean to steal OP’s thread here! Though what i was going to ask for was so similar, i decided not to make a new one…
Got a Glacier Express that got dried paint rubbed on it. It scraped against some old, painted wooden furniture while spinning, leaving paint on the yoyo. Think of it as sanding wood with low-grit sandpaper, leaving lots of wood “dust” on the paper. Have tried wiping it off with my fingers and paper, without results. And i dont think a moist rug will do any good either. Any ideas?

For the wood problem, did you try so
Something like a green scrubby? Something kinda rough, but won’t damage the yoyo by scratching it.

Isn’t that a bit rough? We dont have that here in Norway, though it looks like plastic steel wool from what i can see

How about a micro fine sanding sponge?

Any paint thinner (Xylene, MEK, Toluene, Mineral Spirits, etc.) from the hardware store works great and will not harm the anodizing underneath.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Mineral Spirits didn’t work, olive oil (cooking oil) didn’t work…

Again, use Acetone, it’s MUCH stronger than mineral spirits.

how hard did it scrape? you may have some scratches. seems odd that old paint didnt rub off with mineral spirits.

Well, then it would be brighter, grey marks, wouldnt it…? Its from what i can see, dark blue. Hard to tell because of the purple background

in regards to the green scrubby things, your saying you dont have sponges in norway that have a soft sponge side and a rough scrubby side???

Oh, lol, thats what it is! Of course we have sponges here. Stupid me!
Though, i’ve tried scraping it off with my nail. But i’ll give it a try!

lol sometimes its hard to describe things through typing! ;D

idk scratches come in all shapes and colors, the ones on my orange dang are like a yellowish. it prolly just didnt g oall the way through the anno but scrapped it a little bit.