I feel dumb. XP

So, I was trying to paint one of my yoyos, my 888 (yeah, hell of a yoyo to try your first paint job on, but it was the most scratched up) and it turned out bad. XP The paint is atleast peeling off, but anyne have any tips on how to paint a yoyo correctly and how to removed all the paint off?

removing paint? you could try acetone first, and if that doesn’t work, try oven cleaner. Before you go ahead and paint it again, you will definitely want to sand the whole thing down thoroughly with some sandpaper.

well I was dumb and where the hubstacks went on, I painted and thereofore the bearings didn’t fit. XP Thanks for the sand paper tip, I forgot to do that

Don’t use Oven Cleaner, won’t do anything except eat the metal. Use Acetone, should remove the paint, but if it doesn’t, go with Klean Strip Gel Paint Stripper, nasty stuff though. Use it in a well ventilated area and wear latex/rubber gloves, and be careful, that Klean Strip stuff has no trouble eating through gloves if you leave it on the glove for too long.

I use oven cleaner to strip ano. would it not do the same for paint?

It all came off with a little finger nail polish and some elbow grease, but I was still bummed. XP

It’s an excellent way to develop pitting in a yoyo and highly recommended against

If I send you the proper paperwork; would you be willing to donate your Brain to Science? We need it for a very small project. We had a hamster; but he caught a bus outta town.

Good advice here<> Never… Ever; like in ‘Neverever’ use Chemicals or chemical compounds; if you don’t even know: what they can do and what they can do to you.

Using Oven Cleaner with the assumption of what it can do; is a recipe for potential disaster.

Here is a list of some of the fun stuff that is in Oven Cleaner:

This ingredient does its work by softening up the hard, crusted formations in your oven. An aerosol propellant, butane is an organic solvent that contains carcinogens. The spray effect of aerosol makes chemicals released through these means more harmful because the spray breaks down particles even smaller, which makes the chemicals more easily inhaled. Some adverse health effects of carcinogens include reproductive and neuro-toxicity. The nitric oxide released with aerosol sprays also helps cause photochemical pollution.

Monoethanolamine (MEA) combines the properties of alcohol and amine, which allow it to mix with water and have a high boiling point, and gives it the scent of ammonia. When used, MEA reacts according to these properties. Wired Magazine writes, “It breaks down the gunk on oven surfaces, neutralizing some fatty acids and turning others into grease-cutting solvents.” Highly volatile, this organic compound can cause harmful effects like headaches, nosebleeds and cancer.

Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
You can find diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (DEGBE) in many other products, including brake fluid and hair coloring. This chemical slows down MEA’s rate of evaporation, allowing the oven cleaner to keep breaking down the fatty acids and gunk on your oven’s surface. In addition, DEGBE further dissolves the particles loosened by MEA.

Sodium Hydroxide
Also known as caustic soda, sodium hydroxide reacts and turns into soap as the butane and MEA in oven cleaner starts to soften and break down the crusted food on the bottom of your oven. The soapy residue then allows you to wipe away the grease and grime stuck to your oven. While helpful for cleaning your oven, sodium hydroxide is a corrosive chemical and can burn skin.

Very similar in purpose as MEA, diethanolamine (DEA) also delays the evaporation of the other chemicals, allowing the oven cleaner to work longer at getting rid of fat and grease. According to the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, DEA “is a skin and respiratory toxicant and a severe eye irritant.” You can also find it in a variety of other household cleaning products.

…Oven Cleaner is no joke.