Oven Cleaner = Strip


So I want to strip the ano on one of my yoyos.

I got heavy duty easy off oven cleaner.

So Do I get srpay it on, then rinse it of after like 10 minutes?


What I do is I spray it onto a rag and then slightly water it down and then you can just easily rub it off. This may you don’t make a huge mess and don’t end up with wasted oven cleaner.


Holy cow, this works? O.o" I’ve got to try this.


Really? I’m trying this.


It works. Be careful that stuff is potent. Wear gloves if you can. It doesn’t fully strip it, so you will need to use sandpaper and then some scratch remover and polish. I’m stripping a yoyo now, I’ll post pictures later.


I just soak the yoyo in over cleaner and some minutes later, dry it off with a rag, put the yoyo half on a drill and clean it up with Scotch Brite.

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Chemicals can cause a great deal of harm to you, animals and items surrounding you, not to mention the enviroment. Take all the safety precautions, gloves, eye protection, plenty of water in case of an accident and parental consent.

Safety! There are many things more important than a yoyo. Just saying.


5 minutes?

Just let it soak?

Someone make a video!


In my opinion using sandpapers is better than using the chemical cleaner. It takes a tad longer though.


I won’t use sandpaper anymore because whenever I do it, there a permanent lines on the yoyo that wont go away. :’(


I sent a PM back your way. Don’t let it sit for too long or the stripper will makes pits in the metal and you’re screwed.


LOL Yeah

I remember a few years back I got a yuuksta and I left it in pipe clearer and it made little dimples


After I read this thread I decided I wanted to strip my God Tricks destiny and it can out pretty goo 8) I just rubbed off the ano the took steel wool to it then some brasso :slight_smile:




Ive done this before.

What makes it corrosive to Aluminum is the Trisodium phosphate (TSP) inside the oven cleaner.

Ive dunked in aluminum yoyos before and generally turns out ok after just a few minutes. Not the best way of taking off anodizing, as it can induce wobble. mask off the bearing seat for sure, I just snap on old bearings.

I would wear gloves. If the stuff can eat through Aluminum I couldn’t imagine that it would be very safe for your hands.


Edit - Here are some pics of one Ive done in the past

I know you said you went with the polishing / steel wool method but I just thought I would give others who are interested some info.


Actually, jeffreypang911, you’re the reason I started stripping yoyos and polishing. I did this one about 5-6 years ago because you inspired me.



Ok I polished my C3 yeah3 and it looks super shiny

will get pics for tomorrow


MMm Barebones. Love old school yoyos.


Stripped the Yeah3




Nice tricks.