Anodizing and such

Hello, I recently picked up this LB CLYW Bassalope on Ebay and I’m not quite sure who to turn to for help on this.

I wanted to know what and who you could recommend me to get this throw a new look. I would prefer a real professional anodizing or would like to know what you recommend I do to it.

I also would like to know how much it might cost to do this.

just strip the paint off,45571.0.html I would probably try SpottedBanana.

I would stick to buying them here at YoyoExpert I’ve had some really bad experiences buying used yoyos at eBay amazon etc.

You can anodize it, bead blast then seal, powder coat, polish, satin or repaint it. To name a few.

Just soak it in Acetone for a few minutes lol, the anodize under the paint is probably mint.

I agree. I think under that crap-tacular paint job is probably a really nice anodization job, most likely what it came with.

Check here:

Third row down, 2nd from the left is a small bearing bassalope, not sure what the colorway is. Next to it, 3rd from the left, is a large bearing bassalope, Minty Mint.

Odds are good that paint is covering a nice ano.

Looks like it’ll be green underneath.

I think so too. If so, that’s gonna look pretty nice.

Like unearthing a treasure.

Okay. Well I have a lot more questions now.

Before that, @the dude who said buying on ebay is bad… You can always get your money back if you don’t like it or there is a problem with it.

molyresin is what was used to paint it. Is acetone the only way to strip the crap off? Will it also strip the anodizing underneath it? Is there another way to remove this molyresin stuff?

Acetone is the quickest and easiest way to strip off paint without damaging the finish. And unless the seller didn’t describe something like this, then you’re stuck with it, I’d happily trade for it lol.


So it will remove the Molyresin and not the CLYW paint? Will nail polish remover work :D? If not, i’ll just have it done by somebody pro.

The anodize won’t be harmed at all. And you can use Nail Polish Remover.

Chance for studio to show off his collection ;D.
Also can you post a pic of the ano underneath?

Yes please.

Do you mean my Bassalope? After I try to remove the crud covering it? :Ll Sure

Yeah thats what we are asking.

That clyw was also in the bst here. How much did you end up paying fo it?
Chances are, that paint was done to cover up some scuffs, but the again, there’s people like me who mod brand new stuff just because…

I ended up paying 65 for it. I asked the seller and he said there was some scuffs underneath that muck. With a close examination I could not see anything showing through the molyresin. Either way, I’m getting it a powder job.