Removing Overthrow rings(1 method)


Here is the updated ring removal video.

More effective methodā€¦

Just save the pennies for your next titanium purchasešŸ¤“


I am concerned about the bare knife touching the ring. Stainless steel knife against aluminum ring seems like a recipe for scratches and dings. Iā€™d put something between the knife and the ring first, a piece of cloth or something. Just a thought.


Just make sure you get the blade ā€˜underā€™ the edge of the ring. And use a steady inward/upward force as you pry up the ring. If the blade slips it could indeed scratch/gouge the surface of the ring.
You could get a piece of tape and wrap the tip of the knife. If you have a very thin piece of cloth(as you mentioned/apiece of cloth< good idea) that would be ok.
No doubt there are several ways to accomplish the task.

You may have noticed I very clearly stated ā€˜one methodā€™ in the topic.

But any suggestions such as yours; are excellent in forming the best way to get the rings off.

Thanks for the inputšŸ¤“


how heavy is it without the rings?

also how does it play?


And so this would be to install the rings in a new set of 9-dragon yoyo halves? Or are you doing something of your own? I was looking at some of the custom painted 9-dragons things out there, pretty cool stuff. I like that the rings are so easily removableā€¦the concept of a more customizable yoyo is one that Iā€™ve always thought would be cool.


I am just showing ā€˜aā€™ method of taking off the rings. That is all. Personally; I donā€™t do anything with 9 Dragons yo-yos. When I was a kid; we had something called Mr. Potatohead. You would get a potato and change the ears and the eyes and the noseā€¦ whatever.

I love the concept and all. But I have more fun taking stuff apart than putting it back togetheršŸ¤“

A few weeks back; somebody had asked about how to remove the Overthrow weight rings.

Hence, the video.

You can see by the number of responses; that few people even care.


I will be doing a number of videos in the near futureā€¦


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