Removing Old Silicone

I siliconed my X-ConVict. I loved it once it broke in a bit. But like in all things time came for change and I needed to redo the silicone. I tried using a pin to remove the Silicone but it just tore apart. Any help in removing silicone? I am using Permatex RTV Silicone red

There are a couple ways that work. Here’s how I do it though. First, scrape a lot of it out with a toothpick. Then, either finish getting as much as you can out with that, or what works better is if you have an old credit car. (Gift card would work too) Cut the car so that you have a little piece sticking out that is a little bit longer than the recess is deep, and just a tiny tiny bit wider than the recess. Use that to scrape the remaining bits out. It works wonderfully.

if you used a pin it would come out. ??? just keep trying.

It would work if it was flowable silicone, but it is not so it’ll be harder to get out.

I use an old Popsicle stick. I break it until it’s just over the size of the groove, shove it in there and spin it around. The wood wont hurt the celcon, and it should get all the pieces out.

You could also use a toothpick or chopstick.

Well actually the x-con is made of polycarbonate plastic but all the same it would not hurt the plastic

  1. Get a Q-Tip
  2. Dip Q-Tip in Mineral Spirits
  3. Run the Q-Tip around in the recess.

The mineral spirits should make the silicone softer, therefore easier to get out. Proceed as you wish.

Whoa, haven’t determined that this might melt the polycarbonate?

Yeah, it will. Might not be much, but it will melt it a little bit. I’m sure you knew that though. I guess you could put a little bit on your Mosquito and let us know what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t you just put on new silicone on top?

On top of the old? Sadly, no. First of all the old silicone needs to be taken out because it is worn down. Also, if you just put new on, eventually it would be raised and much more responsive.

Nah, it won’t. It will only be on there for about 15 seconds. I usually use the second half of the Q-Tip to wipe it off. I’ve done it on several polycarbonate yoyos.

I’ve actually never had a problem with that at all.

I’ve put many wet earings with mineral spirits on my Legacy, never had any kind of problems