Removing A bearing

I’ve replaced the bearing os a 401 to try a concave. Today I was going back to the old to see how it performes but I found difficult to remove the bearing. Is there any tool that I can use? I tryed tweezers the last time, but it doesn’t work now.

Pliers, grip the bearing squeeze very tightly and either pull it out, or if it doesn’t come out squeeze again and try rocking from left to right.

You can use a YYF Multitool, but it’s the same as a rod or drill bit (look for something that fits), and most people find it to not work very well with extra tight bearings.

Last thing is stick the yoyo in the freezer for a little while 20-30 mins. Then try the methods above.

This, but id be careful with the pliers, try not to pull at all much, its almost like a back and forth circular motion.

Thank you guys, I’ll try that when I get home.

Can’t do that, YYF Multitool is for size C, I’m talking about a size A bearing.

Thank you guys, I’ll try that when I get home.

Size A on what yoyo, you said 401, you mean the YYF 401 Speed Dial? All my A bearings don’t even fit snug.

Yes, it’s a 401SD.

I know this is off topic but do 401ks have C size bearings?

I wonder, does anyone els know??? (Reads post above ::)) O yeah, it’s a A size bearing.

By the way, every dial yoyo has a A bearing, speed dial, 401 SD, Velocity, and others.