Remaking videos: Moebius Re:Make

Remaking almost all of my videos with my HD camcorder. Or more so going to try to.
Trying to make them look a bit smoother, titled tricks, different angles…So forth like that.

So for people that favorited videos in the past, please re-favorite them.
I’ll be bumping this  as I get more videos remade instead of just making a new thread.
Its for the better to do this for my videos.
Also using music that is under creative commons so no video site can take it down!

So please do watch, comment, love it.



I loved it. you are good.

Wow. Awesome.

Zammy, you are now one of my favorite throwers.

I’ve watched yours videos man and you have the sickest tricks ever. I’ve never seen anything like yours.

Check it out! Embedding has the HD off but if you go to the video directly HD is on and its intense.
Named all the tricks! new sorta angles to it, Slow mo effects for the speciality of the tricks! :slight_smile:
New better music and less contraversial.


WOW! That’s amazing! Especially the around the neck tricks.

Same thought here, loved it your very talented.

i love your style.
it is very unique. very enjoyable to watch.

Exist To inspire remake video upped now.
Its a moebius video.
Take a gander and tell me what you think on here and vimeo/youtube.

youtube link is here:

Great tricks! I was wondering, what language do you base your trick names? (How do you come up with Raziel? It seems familiar)

Sorry for the necro, but I felt not to make a new thread for my remake videos. :slight_smile:

My trick names come from a wide range of mythology, religion, psychology, sociology, latin…things like that. I study hard to get a meaning behind the tricks.

Remake video of a remake video, aha! You can sorta tell the irony huh? This is a video I redid in different shots, different locations, and overall a much better experience. Shot in the Mall of America with my mother as the camera person…so some shots are a little shakey, but she did good!

My favorite out of all the remakes so far. Hope you enjoy, take a look!


Wow…pure skills :o