Rejected twin fan whip

Messed with Christopher Chia’s 1.5 rejection and added a second segment to whip giving it a fan effect. I’m still trying to figure out what to do next hence the hesitation. This is mostly my instagram rehash for the last week with a few added tricks for filler. Over whip brent stole variations, protrusion, and rejection to tower specifically.

That was absolutely sick! Great job! I especially like the tower rejection.

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You have a sickness. A deep deep sickness.

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Ug! Im getting really annoyed with all of these “this video is not available on this device” things. I realky want to see this trick! Haha

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Haha, thanks GregP!

Not sure if it is the link format or not, but maybe this will help?

No… Thanks for trying though! Im going to watch it on a computer later.

That’s the short domain URL which is meant to redirect properly for any device. If you still can’t see it, it’s your device on some level, not the link.

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Really cool stuff. I want to learn every trick you did in this video.

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Thanks yooldman!