One handed rejection whip tutorial

I made a tutorial for the Christopher Chia 1.5 mount rejection whip a year and a half ago, but thought I’d make a tutorial for an easier variant of the rejection whip. I learned this from watching Shinya Kido a few years ago but don’t know its origins. This is basically the trick that helped me figure out Chris Chia’s variant.

For mobile users

Let me know what you think. Check out my youtube channel for Chris Chia’s 1.5 variant.


Really good, and really useful! As coincidence would have it, I was about to start learning the Chia 1.5 rejection. If this serves as a good starting point, I’m in. Can’t have too many slick rejection tricks, especially if one leads into another in terms of learning curve.

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I know a lot of chia tricks, and i think this is one of them. Nice tut.

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I know what I’m going to be working on this weekend. :slight_smile:

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That’s if you can drag yourself away from your fixed-axle throws long enough. :wink:

Nope, gonna work on this with the fixed-axles ;D

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THat’s… that… but…

You’re a sick man.


Thanks, fellas!

@yooldman, I think you might need to change your name to yooldcrazyman! ;D My apologies in advance to your knuckles.

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Its called a unresponsive fixed with Polyester…

You full of cray. :wink:

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Im skilled… With mechanics. Thats all…


Try it yooldman!

When i used Ed Haponiks EH. It didn’t respond… I could have done a Brent stole…



Sure, but I guarantee he didn’t have poly on it. :wink:

edit…for embarrass

Nothing shortens the learning curve like a few bruises ;).

Nope, will be working on it with a responsive throw, most likely a Turner, and type-9 cotton.

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It’ll wake you up better than a cup of joe! Without the good taste.

Holy (expletive deleted)! I’ve got the trick down already. Not with the fixed-axles of course, but now that I can do it unresponsive, it’s only a matter of time. ;D

Great tutorial. I normally don’t get tricks figured out very fast, especially ones that look impressive. (I know it looks impressive because when I showed it to my wife she said, “I can’t see the TV with you standing there.” Hmm…maybe that doesn’t really prove my point ;).)

*Edit: 2 hours later and I have now learned the Christopher Chia 1.5 rejection whip as well. Couldn’t be happier with how this evening’s yo-yoing went.


Just quotin’ because I’m a mobile user…

Hit this one! Going to try for the Chia next.

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Just checked on my phone and its blocked due to the song I used, so I included a vimeo link that should work (it does on my phone, anyway).

NICE! Glad it helped. LOL at your wife’s comment. :smiley:

Sweet! Really happy that it was helpful!