Doosie Dip Flip - Fixie Tricks

Caught a few wooden fixed axle tricks on video, but the main one I wanted to share being a 1.5 mount rejection whip. The rest is filler that I stole from Ed Haponik and Drew Tetz. 1.5 mount rejection whip being Christopher Chia’s.

Youtubes doesn’t like my music, so I put it up on vimeo in case it gets removed. This has the original music I put to it. Youtube link has the quick replacement music that doesn’t fit as I wanted. The choice is yours.

Yoyos used: TMBR Fremont, OUT Pocket Love

Amazing! That’s some world-class fixie play right there. Really fun to watch.

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Woah! Thanks, GregP!

Holy crap. That’s some class right there. Well done! Certainly smoother than my fixed axle…

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Sweet moves!

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Thanks fellas! Very kind words. :smiley: