Doosie Dip Flip - Fixie Tricks


Caught a few wooden fixed axle tricks on video, but the main one I wanted to share being a 1.5 mount rejection whip. The rest is filler that I stole from Ed Haponik and Drew Tetz. 1.5 mount rejection whip being Christopher Chia’s.

Youtubes doesn’t like my music, so I put it up on vimeo in case it gets removed. This has the original music I put to it. Youtube link has the quick replacement music that doesn’t fit as I wanted. The choice is yours.

Yoyos used: TMBR Fremont, OUT Pocket Love


Amazing! That’s some world-class fixie play right there. Really fun to watch.


Woah! Thanks, GregP!


Holy crap. That’s some class right there. Well done! Certainly smoother than my fixed axle…


Sweet moves!


Thanks fellas! Very kind words. :smiley: