Regular bearing vs small bearing

What is the difference

Regular is bigger than small sized bearings.

What is your main problem? Choosing a yoyo with a small bearing? Replacing a bearing?

Some people tend to dis-like small bearing yoyo’s because they have a “feel” of responsivness but any yoyo can be unresponsive. The small bearing may also be thinner, as it may become responsive.

I like large bearings more, because they just don’t ten to grip more (for me), and they don’t sang as much (for me).

Well I knew there was a size difference but I was wondering if they played differently or something

You can kinda imagine or feel the difference, but if you’re not too picky, it wont affect your play.

often times, they are easier to bind, and REPORTEDLY spin longer. this may not be true

I don’t think it will spin longer , but it is easier to bind, why don’t you try buying cheap yoyos that has small bearing like duncan metal drifter or free hand zero

It’ll spin longer if your only doing a sleeper, for tricks no. It’ll spin longer for a sleeper because there are more wraps around the bearing meaning a longer spin time, but for string tricks they wont sleep longer.