I want a high quality plastic that I can bring everywhere, has anyone played it, is it worth the money?

Seems a little like the genesis, one of yoyofactorys best yoyos for many people.

The yoyofactory severe is a high quality plastic, you might look into getting one of those.

I haven’t tried it personally but for that price you might consider just buying several cheaper plastics for example you could buy a skyva, first base and replay pro for not much more than the regen costs.

I own two of them (black and white), I use one as an daily. I personally enjoy H-shapes. I would get one off BST to use as a everyday throw so it doesn’t “sting” when you hit it on something


If your favorite trick is a finger grind, you should check out the Skyva. It is a great yo-yo and the First Base is also good.

I guess core Co standard

I just bring my high-quality metal yoyos everywhere. Unless I feel like playing a plastic. I guess what I’m saying is: I bring any yoyo I own anywhere.

Not saying this HAS to be you, but it’s a liberating option.