Reflet and FH Zero as one

OK. I put a Reflet and a FH Zero togther to make a good yoyo any one want to know how? ;D

Get one of each… and screw them together?

Ya Pretty much. Butt you have the FH Zero led pop off. :slight_smile:

Y not just tell us. I bet we all want to know. Some pics would be nice too.

If you mean the Duncan Reflex, it has completly different guts than and FHZ.

It has no bearings, plastic transaxle and alot of internal parts.

Im going to call your bluff on this. Sorry mate.

If you got it to even work, I still don’t think it would be a good yoyo, especially not better than just an FHZ, but if you really did it, I’d love to see some pics.

You Know am not the best tiyper if you guy want to know how i did it just call me at
1.(619).722.1609. :wink:

i think they’re just wondering what it looks like, like me

Not the best Idea to put your Phone # online, just a thought.

Butt or But :stuck_out_tongue: