Reese Whitherspoon and PETA - 1 life for another.


Here’s one article:

Long story short:
She’s carrying a bag made from a python. I’m not going to go down the whole animal rights and “oh, this is bad” or “you can’t do this” stuff.

So, she’s not going to use the bag anymore. To show appreciate for her decision, PETA is advocating the murder of flowers as a consolation.

I mean, PETA could just as easily stand for “People Eating Tasty Animals”.

I’m hungry… I think my wife is cooking some cow. Yum!

Note, I’ve had frog, but I haven’t had snake or alligator. I’ve had goat.

And no, frog does not taste like chicken, but it doesn’t taste bad either.
Goat is kind of like a more mellow and tender beef.

I just think back to all the innocent rodents and snakes and reptiles mercilessly slaughtered and tossed aside without regard as we harvest many of our cash crops. Meat is murder? No, wheat is murder.

Mini Wheats for breakfast, beef for dinner. Gee, I am not sure who I annoyed for lunch. Wait, I didn’t have lunch today. I’m sure someone got offended by that!


“Reese Witherspoon vows to give up her python-skin bag”




I think your missing the point of not using the snake skin, people raise cows to be slautered, but they killed the python in the wild, which lowers the population of that snake. Some people might think “oooh, one snake whoopty-doo”, but after a while it will add up, just look at the dodo bird. However I think PETA is a joke.


Well, deer and many other animals are hunted/killed in the wild. Or is someone secretly raising them to be harvested?

I’ll make a WAG that the python was probably eaten by whomever got it for the skin as well.


But he didn’t eat dear for dinner, he had beef.



Are saying you would be alright with python handbags if they came from a python ranch and had been slaughtered for their meat as well?


As long as they were bread, yeah, I actually don’t understand why purse company’s don’t do this.


Interesting. An articulation of position which reaches a compromise conclusion through negotiation by the use of logic. Yes, there is no doubt about it, you are certainly NOT a PETA person.




I’ll be honest, I’d probably spit on her if I saw that bag, not because of the whole “animal rights” thing, but because I used to bread Pythons and like most snakes, they are very misunderstood. Watching the awesomeness of these animals from the moment they are eggs and then seeing some rich jackwagon using it to carry her makeup around, you kind of take it a little personal. I know, “to each their own”, but sometimes lines are crossed for no good reason, and fashion is certainly not a good reason.


I never had respect for PETA but after seeing this I pretty much think they’re the biggest joke ever.


You bring up a very interesting point. We accept the slaughter of these snakes for the use of their skin for high end purses and shoes because, in general, people dislike snakes intently. I have a grand-niece who has a pet python. They may have actually gotten the snake before she was born. It wasn’t much more than a wiggly worm when they first got it. My niece is now six and the python is around four feet. Natalie won a Blue Ribbon at a New Mexico Fair last year for having the most unusual pet. She stood there calmly with this big snake wrapped all around her arms while she was interviewed. She has no fear of Monty, (that’s his name), because she has grown up with him.

I dare say if someone were to make a purse out of calico cat fur or the pelt of an abyssinian cat the public outcry would be deafening. (Think 101 Dalmatians.) It is a matter of social perception.

Of course God never cursed a cat to slither around on it’s belly.

(DOGS) #13




Ball python?


Sounds like it if its only 4ft and it’s mild temperament


Boo yah, and the only reason I don’t have a snake is that my parents think they’re gross.


Maybe if you bought your Mom a nice handbag for Christmas…


Yeah, more like 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 hand bags. lol