reeking yoyo

i recently got a duncan imperial as a part of a large bundle and the thing reeks of cigarette smoke or something. Im not quite sure if tits cigarette smoke or something else since it has a sweeter smell, thought thats not what i need help with. i need to get this smoke off the yoyo its just awful, is there some way to remove a smell from plastic?

Not likely, if anything you could soak it in something to counter the bad smell, like febreeze, other than that i have no clue.

Try wrapping it in newspaper. It absorbs odors.

You sure the smell ain’t of “uhyuns” aka onions?

it is very much smoke and i was just told it was joint smoke. which means its going to take something very powerful to get the stench off.

As a person who indulged excessively in the past I can contest that no “joint” smoke is going to soak into plastic. Even on fabric it will only remain for a day or two. But my suggestion to you. If this is not a old or collectible imperial they can be bought at most drug stores or shoping centers for under $3. I would suggest just replacing it if the smell remains. But if you really want to keep it you could also put it in the dish washer on a cold cycle and allow it to air dry. I would not suggest allowing it to machine dry.

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aahhh the joint smoke strikes again!

I remember I got a waterbottle in elementary school that was plastic and it completely reeked like cigarettes. It was awful and I never used it. Worst part was it was an award from participating in a charity event. I think it has to do with really cheap plastic. It was like somebody dropped several packs of cigarettes in the plastic beadstock melting pot

I would wrap the yoyo with a trash can and set it out by the curb.

Option 2… Give it to a Smoker


Throw it out, it’s only an imperial

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I am inclined to agree. Obviously it’s down to you, but if I personally received a cheap yoyo that stank that badly I’d just throw it away. If anything it’s a constant and unpleasant reminder that someone elses filthy hands (and who knows what else) have been all over it. :-\

That being said, since it’s plastic it should hold up fine to a good washing. So I’d suggest grabbing some washing up liquid and giving it a thorough scrub, then drowning it in febreeze for a while, then washing it again… and repeat until the smell is gone.

If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what will. Apart from maybe industrial strength solvents… or an overnight soak in some white spirit…

Just spray it with cologne:D

I probably would just buy another as well.

If you want to try to take out the smell, I would try putting it in a baggie with baking soda. Leave it there for a day or two and then rinse or wash it with some dish soap.

If you like the smell of coffee grounds, that would definitely get the smoke smell out. Or it would smell like a coffee shop full of smokers. That would be totally hipster! Win-Win :stuck_out_tongue:

Kitty litter would probably do just as well. Just use clean litter or you might have an even worse problem.