Redondo 2001

“This will be the best clip video you’ve ever seen.”
“Better than Exit 2001?”
“Better, this is Redondo 2001.”

Sam Lopez, Pasquale Baldi, Yin, Patrick Mitchell, Gerard Amento, Tyler Severance.

Awsome…just awsome.

girlly fan shriek ahhhhhhhhhh!!! that was so asome u guys ROCK!!! hey isn’t pat on yomega? U ROCK GERARD, U rock HARD!!! 8)

Lol i love Tiny Tim great video

LOL!!! 1:05 haha! awesome vid!

Sam’s so awesome.

Not anymore. Patrick is on YoYoFactory.

This is sweet,

I wish I lived in California… Theres no yoyo community in Ohio, :’(