Your Future's With Us




(P.S: Hi guys!  First post, haha)


hey friend, welcome. You look like you know your way around a yo. where u from (west?)?


Los Angeles. Thanks for the kind words.

(Jeromy K.) #4

Nice way to introduce your self, you got the skills nice video. And welcom to the family


Killer Video.


lol, of course he does. Its David Ung!!!

David, I saw you at the Redondo Beach contest, but was to shy to say hi :-[ Epic video ;D

(Frank W.) #7

That was awesome, yoyofactory makes the coolest videos and also welcome.




Awsome vid,like the song,too!

(Yin) #10

FYI David has been around for awhile…it’s good to get to know him now :wink:



Weren’t sure if he was a member here. yeah he has been around for a while. Amazing video. :slight_smile:


Nice Vid!
I like how you had the nice scenery so it wasn’t just about the yoyoing.


Welcome to Yoyoexpert forum David!

Happy Throwing! =]

(system) #14

probably one of my favorite yoyoing vids ever

(Ryan) #15

Welcome to YYe and man you got mad skills…