Your Future's With Us



(P.S: Hi guys!  First post, haha)

hey friend, welcome. You look like you know your way around a yo. where u from (west?)?

Los Angeles. Thanks for the kind words.

Nice way to introduce your self, you got the skills nice video. And welcom to the family

Killer Video.

lol, of course he does. Its David Ung!!!

David, I saw you at the Redondo Beach contest, but was to shy to say hi :-[ Epic video ;D

That was awesome, yoyofactory makes the coolest videos and also welcome.


Awsome vid,like the song,too!

FYI David has been around for awhile…it’s good to get to know him now :wink:


Weren’t sure if he was a member here. yeah he has been around for a while. Amazing video. :slight_smile:

Nice Vid!
I like how you had the nice scenery so it wasn’t just about the yoyoing.

Welcome to Yoyoexpert forum David!

Happy Throwing! =]

probably one of my favorite yoyoing vids ever

Welcome to YYe and man you got mad skills…