What do you think?




Really smooth/fresh looking.

Keep it up.

Btw next time you post a video please post in in the videos section of the forum.

Welcome to the Forums Happy Throwing :wink:


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! :o :o :o That was so awesome. I thought i was pretty good until i saw that. wow.

Hows the northstar?


(202andrew) #4

Darnell you’re so good!

(Thomas) #5

He has been on this site since 2009. Keep it up Darnell and where did you get your kendema?




i got my kendama from steve brown on HIS birthday


Pretty Nice Video!
Me and You have the Same 2 Favorite Yoyos. :wink:


hey i meet you at the ohio state yoyo contest
i was the one with the raw bassboost yoyo remember me?


i was gonna make a video with the same name. :’(


Awesome stuff. Keep it up!


step yo game up. marcus-psp

(DOGS) #13

Lookin’ good man, keep it up!

(Thomas) #14

I do you said that i was the only one who knew that yoyo name.lol


you like fullsized huh? haha nice vid ;D