David Ung x Tyler Severance present "Long Johns"



Cinematography & Editing: David Ung
Player: Tyler Severance
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(JonasK) #2

Now I have to go find my eyes.


Me too.


I was blown away by some of that. Awesome video, some incredible tricks.

(SR) #5

I agree with all of you! Great video and amazing tricks!


Woohoo! I remember at DXL asking David if he was making a new video. Its been so long, haha.

And around 1:25, we can see gm user’s brother yoyoing in the background.


Haha, and at the beggining you can catch me talking to Samad and Tyler too!

My brother was so happy when he saw himself.

And the funnyest part, at about 1:00-1:28 Tyler is using the 888 he gave dacklink.

Amazing video!


and at 1:55 you can see gm user and then at 2:00 you can see samad with his brown shirt


I can see Kim-Lan at 2:00.

Happy Throwing! =]



There were forum members of YYE all over there, I actually like DXL a bit more than BLC for that reason.

(marcusWsteadman) #11

awsome vid, awsome vid and what els was i going to say… oh yeah awsome vid.


Amazing. Simply amazing.


all i have to say is wow


mind…blown lmao very nice!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #15

That was amazing. :open_mouth: