Red H3X spotted. Possible new black model too

For sale 5/16 on YYE$T2eC16FHJGwFFZe!s5jBBRjBV9214w60_57.JPG$T2eC16JHJHoE9n3Kd6iyBRjBWbqmcQ

On a popular auction site ;D
There’s also a black one for sale too.

Great yoyo!

I think the black with green rings looks better. The red one looks ok.

I think they both look nice. Black more so, but red with… Pale blue? I like it

Looks like regular titanium to me.

Interesting find! Wonder how the heck they got to popular auction site before here?

That website is where you find a lot of rare YYJ throws like old schools and transitional yo-yo’s. They show up quite often actually.

The other day I saw a red original Dark Magic, mint, lightning bolt edition.

Also, am I not allowed to post links to this website? I have the link to the sold listing:

I like the red better than the black.

I have the black one. Might have to bite the bullet and get a red one as soon as I can after BAC. I might have to see if YYE is making a showing and lug one down for me if they will be allowed to.

I purchsed the Red version when I was in London, and while I think it’s nice looking YoYo, I’m still a bit partial to the original Black version. The color of Red they used was also used on the “Karma”.

According to Andre, they will be releasing several different colors over the course of time.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Actually, a little hunting on here will also reveal these will be here TODAY! :wink:


Nice! Are there any color to the rings?

Thank you.

You guys might think I’m stupid for saying this… but I think YYE will have more black ones tomorrow. Why do you ask?

A. It says “New Releases” not “New Release”

B. The black one has a different photo from the first run H3X

C. Appears to have blue rings instead of the irredescent green/blue

D. Black H3X pictured in nice Box, which first run did not come with.


I agree with SkyhighYo on the “New Releases” observation. It sure looks like a blatant difference to me as well.

Also, the Red version has what appears to be a Chrome looking ring on them. There is no real color I would have to say, just a shiny ring very similar to the Karma.
I really like it, but I’m also going to have to grab one of the new versions with the Blue ring as well.
Beings I learned all my tricks on a Dark Magic a few years ago, I have a real soft spot for the H3X. I think they did a great job of taking the Dark Magic to the next step in it’s evolution. It’s a rather understated yoYo in my opinion. Throws absolutley great !

Barely related: Just noticed the new “black with blue rims” colour for the DM2. I think I’m still more “boogidyboogidy” over the Toxic Frog colourway, but the black and blue looks pretty sweet.

It says “New H3X Releases May 16th”. I consider it to be the verb. As in “the new h3x arrives today”. Seems a bit more plausible to me

That blue and black is getting to me… But the red looks so nice and clean…

I really like the red/silver color combination. Kinda pays homage to the original dark magic used in all of andres videos.

^^ Agreed. They both look wicked though.

Hope they have some red ones for BAC! GAH THE WAIT IS KILLING ME! I need H3X-to-mouth QUICK!