Red and Black SB2 Rarity/Value?

A while back I was given a Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2 yo-yo, and its in a black/grey/red splash finish. Recently, I decided to see what the potential value of this specific yo-yo actually is, but as it turns out, I can’t even find a picture of this finish on the internet at all. Another thing that I found unique and hopefully good, is that the what looks like serial number on the yo-yo is BCYO A0001. Here is a picture of the yo-yo, I have the original box, instruction manual, case, rubber weights, and certificate.

The only pieces I am missing are the additional pads that go around the bearing and the adjuster for the bearing. Any idea on what this thing is actually worth?

BCYO A0001 - this is the probably model designation (A0001) and manufacturer (BC yoyos)

You can see what they sell for at retail ($89) here:

I believe these are no longer being made. What is offered for sale are what remains of the stock.

OK - just noticed on the TK website the pics do clearly show that as a serial number. Some of the BC wood yoyos have model numbers that are similar and people do confuse those for serial numbers.