Rare YoYos for Sale!


Hi Guys,
I’m going to sell some of my yoyo.

  1. Bist Competizione - 85$ :o
  2. Bist Centauro Black - 85$ :o
  3. YoYoFactory 888 09 Gold with satin rims mod 85$ :o
  4. Bist Hidra 2 - 85$ :o

Plus Shipping

All of these are new and never throwed.

If you need some more details let me know

(yoyolvr<><) #2

how bout some pics?


Doesnt brand new mean never throwed?

(Mitch Ginder) #5


Thanks for correction.
Satin: Not brand new but never thrown!!!
Modded after opening box :wink:



Up, Bist Pending :o
Wait for offers 8)


I don`t see pics

(cottoncandym1) #9

some one should get those b!sts they rock


For the bist, as they are brand new, you can check out these pics: http://www.bist.it/yoyos/competizione/



888 pics?


Another yoyos on the list:

The Amazing Hidra 2…




(Infinite Chaos) #13

Can you post some pictures of your own yoyos? I’m not seeing any here.


I just want to let you know that the Hydra 2 is currently only $90+Shipping at yoyoguy.com

You may want to adjust your pricing accordingly, but it’s up to you.


so, 95$ shipped!

For the pics, these are my yoyos, i’m on bist and they are as you see in that pictures, never used!

(system) #17