Yoyos for sale

Whats good fellas! ;D I have a few yoyos for sale. Hit me up with an email at gentrystein@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the following:

1. OG red protostar (used, that’s dust on the inside) 2. Augie vs boyd gm2 wounded steel edition (great condition, slight vibe)
3. orange DNA (mint) 4. Jensen superstar (good condition, see below) 5. Winston rockstar (used)

As you can see there is a small ano fade. Not sure how it got there. Also, there is some slight wear on the laser engraving on the outer rims.

some scratches on the rockstar.

For reference, I did not receive any of these yoyos for free. They were all purchased or traded for a while back.

Thanks for the interest! Remember, just send me an email at gentrystein@gmail.com to let me know what yoyos you want!


protostar gone

rockstar gone