100 yoyos to sell

I am trying to sell a bunch of yoyos that I have acquired over the years. Many are in great shape. Will sell for a great price.

Some yoyos in the picture are not for sale but all the caribou lodge are. I have a cliff, an arctic circle, a glacier express and h5 x chief all in great condition. And chief.

There is a werrd 4xl in the mix

H spin cut

C3 darkstar.
A yuuksta small bearing.

A genesis .

A superstar

Katz meow

ILYY lilopeurdon

Bomb squad DNA

2x YYF equilibrium

Yoyo jam phenom


Yyf rockstar

Yyf skyline

ILYY lynx

x2 Rev rev number 9

Yoyo jam theory

Yoyo jam destiny.

x3 shaqlerstar

x3 Protostar

Duncan stryx

Yoyo jam Sfx

Werrd 2 groovy ladies

Yyj new breed

Yyj next level

Some of the yoyos in the picture are not authentic and I will not be selling them. They yoyos listed above are all authentic


If you have any questions please let me know. My email is zmaller@optonline.net

Can you list what you have? I’m pretty new to yoyos and don’t know what all those are.

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Howdy, do you still have the Cliff?

how much for a protostar?