BC Yoyos?

Does anybody know if BC yoyo’s have a fixed axle or Does it come with a bearing?

bc (brad countryman) yo-yo’s are generally all-wood construction and fixed axle.
what’s next (bc’s parent company) also owns the tom kuhn brand, and they have some bearing yo-yo’s (rd-1/rd-2, redline, sb-2, sleep machine/roller woody, etc.)

unless you’re referring to born crucial (now just ‘crucial’), which is all bearing yo-yo’s.

yeah i think i was talking about the tom kuhn one? haha idk i just saw it in a post and was interested in what it was because im planning on getting the yoyo you have in your avatar. hah getting into wooden yoyos.

Good luck with that! I’ve been looking for that particular No Jive (in ed’s avatar) for ages now. It’s been frustrating.


It comes in natural or blue finish

A nice one piece, tiny bit of wobble but nothing I can’t live with (change the string from the ship rope it comes with)LOL  :smiley: yoyoguy has just the natural for I think $3.50


B C doesn’t make my favorite anymore, so this is the same thing, I had one that was a souvenir and gave it to a friend becuse he liked it so much. The maker is Channel Craft

Welcome to the world of fixed axle yo yo play, looping tricks are my bet bet with wooden. 1a intermediate play is possible, (I have) and maybe more it’s up to you.

I warms my heart to see some body else  interested in wooden yoyo.

Don’t forget about Duncan and the ProFly and ProYo wooden axle take apart. Lots of fun for $5