RecRev Reverbs?

I have currently been dabbling in 2a quite a bit and want to come to being able to do all 5 styles of yoyo play and wanted to know how RecRev reverbs feel compared to other looping yoyos like loop 900’s and yoyojam Unleashes.


While I’m terrible at looping when I tried the Reverbs I felt half way decent. It is like going on auto pilot. They are smooth too.

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Did they feel heavy at all? Weighing in at 58g they seem heavy for loopers.

I wouldn’t know because, like I said, I’m terrible at looping.

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Can’t compare, but I have a Loop 1080 and IMO there’s nothing better. They are light (feels normal) and aren’t that expensive. Just like 4a you don’t need a expensive Delrin throw to Go Big!

I personally do think they aren’t as durable, because I have broken one already. Because I didn’t tie a proper not when I cut my string. (It’s the F.A.S.T guide that caused it)