RecRev Freq.Wave vs OneDrop Code2


The recrev freq wave looks promising. Would any body choose this throw over a Code2. Just need suggestions any help would be appreciated. Xmas comes a little bit early for me this year.


The Freq. Wave is great. It performs at the same level as the Code 2. I like the Code 2 with disc side effects over a stock code 2. However, keep in mind, the shapes are different. The Code2 is more H-shaped while the Freq. Wave is more V-shaped, so it has a larger catch zone and is better for horizontal. The Code 2 ships with the premium OD 10 Ball bearing while the Freq. Wave ships with a Crucial Grooved. I find both bearings benefit from a good cleaning and Terrapin X Dry Play treatment to really bring them alive, but I’ve also discovered the Code 2 opens up a bit more with a Trifecta, where-as the Freq. Wave can be just fine stock, but the Trifecta seems to be a marginal improvement.

So, I’m choosing a Freq. Wave over a Code 2. I have 2 Code 2’s though, one I keep stock and one with Disc side effects. No, neither are for sale or trade, don’t bother asking. The price of the Freq. Wave is amazingly LOW compared to how it performs, because it performs up with the Code 2 and can kepe up with anything. Other reasons include for me that I am more of a fan of V-shapes, those work ideally for me.

Both are absolutely amazing. The Code2 offers more choice in customization through side effects and bearing choices, where-as the Freq. Wave only offers a bearing choice. Both are serious competition throws and great every day throws. There are more Code 2 colorways if that’s important. My stock Code 2 is Zombie Thunderstorm, and my disc SE one is I think Sea Grass. My Freq. Wave is a solid green. I know it’s tired to say “it’s all up to personal preferences”, but it is. One Drop seems to be more available than RecRev, so the odds might be that it’s easier to keep stock in for the Code2 than the Freq. Wave.

If you must have a One Drop, the Code 2 is an amazing yoyo to have. If budget is a concern, the Freq. Wave gets it done and does it very, very well. Not to plug a winner, but Anthony Rojas won some regional or state tournament with a Freq. Wave, if that sort of thing is important to you.

Which brand do I like better? Hard to say. I clearly have more One Drop than RecRev, but what I have of RecRev I really like. But don’t be surprsed if I’m caught throwing a Code 2 either. I like to change things up.


Well thought out Chris. Thanks for all the info. May have to go with a recrev since they are almost always low in stock ( less than 20 ATM). I actually prefer the V catch zone. Cheaper throw too. I’m not really digging the color ways yoyoexpert has for the code2 anyways. Glad you have experience with both throws. Thanks.


I got to try the Freq.Wave at SER and I own two code2’s and I by far choose the code2. Just all around more performance for me. Sorry for not being as detailed as Studio but I was not wowed with that particular recrev and was not inclined to buy it even though it is a low price.


What’s the main reason you would choose the code2?


Spin time and stability of the code2 were better. Not to say that the Freq.Wave is a bad yoyo, it is a good yoyo but not as good as the code2.


Thank you for offering a counter point of view. Even with the lack of details, I feel that someone speaking up for their particular preferences is just as valuable as a more detailed post.

I hope the OP/asker is at least adding in your observations into their decision making process.


Thank you both for your input. I guess I can solve this problem by buying both, what the heck right? =)


Another point, for anything vs. a side-effect yoyo, is the possibility of stripped threads. My one RecRev (TA-1) got messed up somehow, and now won’t screw together properly. Do that with a Code 2, and just swap out the SEs. No need to replace the whole yoyo, or have it threaded.


If you can afford it, then by all means!

My case is “always open” to those who can swing by my place. Only bad thing is you need to be near me for this offer to be a viable option.