Recrev facade? Should I get or not get it:D

I’m thinking about the facade, could somebody tell me about your personally thoughts? :slight_smile:

This isn’t a yoyo I would have gotten for myself. I have had the chance to play one. I also have 2 Sharps and a TA-1 from RecRev, so I am familiar with their work.

The Facade does play really god. My only issue is I don’t like the colorway or else I’d snap one up right now.

Onto play:
Lots of weight pushed to the rim makes it very stable at all play speeds. Light on the string, very predictable in play and comes with a great bearing. The look of the cut on the inside isn’t as extreme or dramatic as many of the other yoyos using similar designs.

RecRev has a reputation for making amazing metal yoyos at extremely affordable and reasonable prices. There’s clearly no though about compromise in their designs. These far exceed their monetary value.